La Rochere Glassware

With its expertise and its history of more than 5 centuries, La Rochere Glassware has become a world-renowned reference in manufacture of blowing glass in crystal.

La Rochere is the first glassware in France founded by Simon de Thysac in 1475. Gentleman glassmaker, he obtained permission to manufacture glasses at the "Rochiers". This act is preserved in the National Archive in France.

The production site located in France, between the Franche-Comté and Lorraine regions, can be visited by the public. The "hand made" manufacture of crystal glasses is shown and explained to visitors.

In recent years, to meet a growing demand for tableware, the La Rochere Glassware has continued to modernize its equipment with an ultra modern building housing a new furnace.

Nowadays, the La Rochere Glassware nammed in french « Cristallerie de La Rochère » make a top-range blowing glass in crystal. With acknowledged expertise of Master Glassworkers, all the glasses are of exceptional quality workmanship and purity.